Peter Kim-Fredell, vocals and guitar:
Peter has been carrying the lead singer role since the age of fifteen - in various rock bands, as an acoustic solo performer, and finally for the longstanding musical endeavor of Stone Soup, which has proved to be quite the vehicle for interpreting all sorts of great songs. On the instrumental side he's primarily a guitar player (starting at the age of 11), but he was also a serious enough tuba player to get into music school (though that didn't last). He can also get around on a bass, has some familiarity with a keyboard, and particularly enjoys hand percussion and hand drums. Peter started writing songs when he was sixteen, composing when he was seventeen, and has followed those creative pursuits on and off ever since. He admits to spending an inordinate amount of time in his project recording studio, where he is currently mixing a third album release.

John Bagale, piano, flute, percussion:
John has performed and taught music in the Rochester area for over thirty years. He has also composed music for television, film and dance. He holds music degrees from Nazareth College and the Eastman School of Music. John has taught music theory/composition, general music and music technology at Penfield High School for many years. He lives in Pittsford with his wife Moire. Together they have three sons, each of whom are in the music business.

Brian Terho, bass
Brian has been "gigging" since late high school with groups of many different styles. He has played in Big Bands, orchestras, country-rock bands, top 40 bands, rock bands, Irish folk groups, reggae, disco, original music, blues and jazz groups. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Brian first started playing music in elementary school on the cornet and continued with that instrument through high school. He developed an interest in stringed instruments during that time, first picking up guitar and then bass guitar. Discovering a particular love and adeptness for the foundational role, he took the next step-acquiring an upright string bass and setting about learning that large instrument. He has privately studied with both David Finck and, later, Fred Stone. His history as a "go-to" player demonstrates the high regard in which Brian is held.